We are already hard at work putting together another outstanding schedule for 2020. Until then, we are leaving up our 2019 schedule as an example of the type of classes we offer. Please look back in July for the complete 2020 offering.

Class Schedule

Advanced Speed Wax Techniques

For both the esthetician and the client, waxing is one of the scariest services, but a clear understanding of how to approach all situations comfortably and confidently can make a big difference. This lecture and demonstration will cover many aspects of waxing, including proper pricing, body positioning, home care and maintenance. Consultation and booking will be discussed, and there will be a 15-minute leg-waxing demo.

*Attendees who took this class in 2018 are not eligible to receive CE credits in 2019.

Lori Nestore is CEO of Eva’s Esthetics. In addition to her waxing expertise, she has a vast knowledge of skin and skincare treatments. Known throughout the industry as The Wax Queen, Lori’s distinct style uses humor to make learning fun and memorable. She was the 2014 recipient of the Esthetics International Humanitarian Award at the Southern Spa & Salon Conference.

Saturday, 9:00 am/Hall N, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA900-N )


Aromatic Remedies for Natural Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ in the body.  Why would you want to bathe it in chemicals? Learn how to naturally support your skin through its many phases, cycles and seasons. This class will cover the herbs, essential oils and whole foods that will compliment your holistic skincare regimen. Learn how to take the whole foods you already have in your home and combine them with nature’s best gifts to create organic, plant based skincare. Appropriate dilutions and safety guidelines will be discussed. Recipes included.


Amber M. Laborde is a clinical aromatherapist at Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy, in Greensboro, NC, specializing in integrative therapies. She was first introduced to aromatherapy in 2012 and began classes in aromatherapy and herbalism with the American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2014. Her teaching specialties include Fertility and Reproductive issues, Perfumery and Custom Blending.

Kimberly S. Seymour is a clinical aromatherapist at Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy. She has a passion for teaching and counseling clients to help them reach their goals of optimal health, happiness, and finding their own awesomeness.

Saturday, 4:00 pm/Classroom H, 2CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology & Massage Therapy ( SA400-H )


Beautiful Business Practices

This class will cover best business practices to increase career success and satisfaction. In addition to addressing social marketing, this class also covers what is needed to open, operate and stay in business. Whether you are a solo esthetician, employee or employer you will learn how to address ethical pricing structures, and resolve client/colleague conflicts by understanding and accommodating different behavioral styles. As the business grows, IRS considerations in creating pay structures and determining your own leadership style becomes increasingly important as well as creating your best brand for long term success. This is an interactive class, and includes handouts and worksheets.

Malinda McHenry is a licensed cosmetology and esthetics instructor, former school owner, and published author with over 32 years of experience. She is the owner of Bronzed N Beautiful Day Spa & The Academy of Advanced Aesthetic Arts in Overland Park, KS.

Sunday, 4:00 pm/Classroom H, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S400-H )


Beautifully Bridal

Bridal makeup continues to be a booming industry with only continued growth in sight. How do you ensure an invitation to be a part of the big day? Learn how to easily and efficiently “wow” your brides and bridal parties, making weddings an integral part of your makeup business. This class will offer you many techniques and ideas to confidently build your bridal makeup business.

Michael Moore is the owner of Moore For Life in Denver, Colorado, and has been in the Cosmetic and skincare industry for over 30 years. During that time, he has kept the same mission: to help people feel better about themselves. Michael has worked with many industry leaders including Bobbi Brown, Borghese, Chanel, Lancôme, and Nars. He has been featured on The Today Show, The Oprah Show, Entertainment Tonight, and on the covers of magazines including Australian Vogue and Australian Glamour.

Saturday, 1:00 pm/Classroom G, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA100-G )


Become a Rockstar at Extractions

Specialize in the art of extractions and the art of pre-and post-treatment pimple popping to reach a new level of Rockstar status in your field. Everyone needs at least a couple of extractions with each facial; it is an important part of the treatment. Since many estys aren’t offering extractions due to a lack of knowledge, the door is open for you to pick up those searching clients. What is the danger zone to avoid? Why do we use different techniques for various types of pimples, blackheads, and milia? How do we prevent hyper pigmentation, redness, scarring and pain? Learn all this and more, setting yourself up to carve out that unique niche, increase revenue, and become a super Rockstar extractor!

Gayle Praechtl has more than 30 years of experience as both a massage therapist and esthetician working with renowned plastic surgeons, medical spas, and wellness centers. She has trained medical and esthetic professionals throughout the United States. In addition to having her own consulting business, Aesthetics Wise, Gail works as an educator and sales representative with Image Skincare.

Saturday, 1:30 pm/Hall K, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA130-K )


Beyond the Skin & Into the Matrix of the Loose Connective Tissue

Natural Revitalization is an all-natural antidote to harsh, invasive facial treatments. Connective Tissue techniques firm, tone and balance the tissue while promoting collagen synthesis, revitalization and a contoured appearance. This session explores the touch and the reflex responses of the corresponding tissues when working within the matrix of connection.

Anne Bramham has more than 30 years of experience as a respected industry mentor and is the founder of ASTECC (Advanced Spa Therapy Education Certification Council). A Dr. Vodder School Instructor since 1995, Ann has played an instrumental role in introducing MLD to the U.S. medical, clinical wellness and esthetic industries. Her ASTECC curriculum has been adopted by top destination spas around the United States.

Saturday, 4:30 pm/Hall M, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA430-M )


Brazilian Bikini Wax Techniques

Lori Nestore will calm your fears, answer your questions and address your issues regarding this biggest moneymaking service in esthetics. She will teach you how to professionally and efficiently remove hair from every crevice on any gender. Both male and female models are needed. If you are attending the class and wish to model, please call 800-765-7497, or email lori@evasesthetics.com for more information.

*Attendees who took this class in 2018 are not eligible for CE credits in 2019.

Lori Nestore

Saturday, 9:00 am/Hall N, 2 CE Hours- Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-N )


Brows…No Instagram Here

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the eyebrows are the window treatments. Eyebrow trends come and go. How do you hold the shape of a long-term eyebrow business while navigating through the latest hype? The answer. You learn to master a classic form unique to each client’s facial features. This class teaches the correct way to measure and map out the ideal eyebrow shape and will teach clients to confidently take these tips to their own makeup application.

Michael Moore

Sunday, 9:00 am/Classroom G, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-G )


Building Basics: An Everyday Makeup Application

In an age where less is more, mastering the everyday makeup application is a skill every makeup artist must have.  This class offers a step-by-step, detailed makeup application that can be easily integrated into your current business model. You will learn to easily navigate the client consultation, color selection, and application, in addition to the art of selling beyond the service.

Michael Moore 

Sunday, 1:30 pm/Classroom G, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S130-G )


Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome

What is Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome (CIS), and how can you identify CIS in your clients? Learn about the various types of CIS, as well as the challenges of sensitive and reactive skin. This class will show examples of various forms of CIS and information regarding the ways the skin became this way. Important Dos and Don’ts for inside and outside the treatment room will be discussed so as to “Do No Harm” to your client suffering from Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome.

Kris Campbell worked for an FDA cosmeceuticals lab to help clients in creating their brands prior to becoming the founder and managing director of Hale & Hush, a skincare line dedicated to sensitive and health-challenged skin. Kris is a trainer, writer for trade publications, and speaker on a variety of subjects, including ingredients and health challenges.

Saturday, 9:00 am/Hall L, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA900-L )


Current Trends in Electro-therapy Treatments for Face & Body Toning

This class will cover the newest scientific advancements in electrotherapy as applied to toning services for the face and body. Traditional and advanced devices will be explained, along with their benefits of increasing hydration, stimulating cell health, and targeting lax skin tissue and muscles. The efficacy of home care devices will be covered, along with their value to clients as home care practices. The best business practices, informed client candidates, post care, client safety and infection control will also be discussed. This class includes handouts and worksheets and will offer a demonstration of devices with probes, pads, and gloves.

Malinda McHenry

Saturday, 1:30 pm/Classroom H, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA130-H )


Decoding the Skin & Aromatics: A Path to Cellular Harmony

The skin, as an organ of communication, tells a story; learning the skills to identify and address ‘structural’ and ‘constitutional’ imbalances can elevate a traditional esthetic treatment into a highly personalized experience of health, beauty and wellbeing. Drawing on oriental diagnosis and constitutional analysis, this aromatic-inspired treatment explores the skin’s reflex action while revealing the telltale signs of underlying tissue distress which may compromise the integrity of the skin. This class discusses the skin’s language and communication paths via face, back and foot reflexes while demonstrating techniques that elevate skin care into a deeper, more connected experience.

Anne Bramham

Sunday, 1:30 pm/Hall M, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S130-M )


Detoxifying Ingredients

Understand why detoxifying ingredients are becoming critical to ensure results with facials and home care, and which ones are more effective than others. Today’s esthetician is met with more environmental factors than a decade ago which led to skin toxicity, premature aging, and exacerbated skin conditions. We now have BLUE ZONES and conversely we have areas of severe pollution and every day toxic obstacles to overcome. In this class you will learn what can aid the skin in detoxification and learn how to help your clients realize their skincare goals.

Danielle Wachowski had almost 30 years of experience working with brands such as Estee Lauder and Sephora in San Francisco prior to becoming an esthetician. After that she owned and operated a skincare practice and became an educator for several skincare brands. She was director of education for PCA Skin, and business development manager for Pevonia Botanica, Colorescience, GloProfessional, and Image Skincare. She has earned certificates in Oncology Esthetics and Master Aesthetics Certification from the NCEA. Danielle founded Skin Smooth Pro equipment and education to provide estheticians with profitable practices and effective results-oriented treatments.

Saturday, 1:30 pm/Hall L, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA130-L )


ENZYMES – A Molecular Accelerator – Function and Nature

Enzymes are organic molecules found in biological systems that allow cellular life to exist and function. Referred to as macromolecular biological catalysts, they allow the existence of a reaction that would not occur otherwise without specific conditions having to do with temperature, pH, and atmospheric conditions within the human body. This presentation discusses the enzymes that help support the building of the skin barrier and activate the final desquamation process. It also covers the differences between enzymes and peels and how they work on the skin. The function of formulary enzyme actives will be discussed as well as their biological interaction on the skin. Safety and contraindications are important topics also discussed.

Alexandra J. Zani is an industry strategist as well as an advanced educator. She is an international speaker and researcher with a background in cell biology and medical technology. She has numerous advanced certifications in dermal sciences, spa therapies, microcurrent, LED, and non-ablative laser from throughout the United States and abroad. Along with Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck, Zani was the 2016 recipient of the Esthetics International Humanitarian Award at the Southern Spa & Salon Conference.

Saturday, 9:00 am/Hall K, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA900-K )


Essential Oils: The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

The Field of Aromatherapy is changing rapidly. With all the talk of ingestion and the millions of recipes on the internet, how do you know which are good, which are bad, and where the truth lies in between? This class discusses how to know when to use essential oils, absolutes, CO2 Extraction, and Hydrosol along with the differences between them. Safety concerns will be discussed in conjunction with frequency and methods of use. Also addressed: how to choose therapeutic quality products, questions to ask your supplier, and proper research techniques. Come learn when, where, and how to safely use your aromatic tool kit.


*Attendees who took this class in 2018 are not eligible for CE credits in 2019.

Amber M. LaBoarde

Saturday, 9:00 am/Classroom H, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology, Massage Therapy ( SA900-H )


Eyelash Extensions 101

In this introductory class you will learn if lashing is for you.  Class includes basic knowledge of supplies needed, proper use of tools, sanitation practices, as well as lash application and removal. Proper body positioning will also be discussed.

Lisa Esquivel-Clark is the founder of the Skin Spa of Wake Forest, offering an array of therapeutic, esthetic and cosmetic services. Today she transforms a client’s visit into an extraordinary experience where inner peace is realized.

Saturday, 5:00 pm/Classroom E, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA500-E )


Facial Bootcamp

Do you feel like your facials have the “WOW” factor? If not this class will take your skills to the next level. We will discuss advanced facial massage techniques including facial trigger points, sinus drainage, pressure control and hand placement while incorporating tools like silicone and ASMR into your practice.

Lisa Esquivel-Clark

Saturday, 1:00 pm/Classroom E, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA100-E )


Facial Mapping

Facial Mapping is an ancient technique based on the belief that the surface of your skin reflects what is going on internally. It suggests that certain skin conditions can be related to other organs and imbalances in the body. This class will help you better understand how to recognize these connections, maximizing skin health and overall well-being. Broaden your horizon and learn how this ancient art can be incorporated into your practice.

*Attendees who took this class in 2018 are not eligible for CE credits in 2019.

Gayle Praechtl

Sunday, 4:30 pm/Hall K, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S430-K )


Holistic Approach to Treating Hair, Skin, and Nails

Holistic is a word that is becoming more common in the beauty industry for hair, skin, and nails. When we can topically duplicate what the body does internally the results are incredible. In this class you will rediscover skin from a health standpoint, explore the true meaning of “holistic,” and learn how you can incorporate holistic practices in the services that you offer your clientele. Each student will have the opportunity to see first-hand how one can improve the health of skin in a nonaggressive, holistic way and still achieve amazing results. We will discuss the benefits and various options for treating hair skin, and nails from this holistic perspective. This is a class you won’t want to miss.

Gina Marie McGuire is a licensed esthetician with over 30 years’ experience in the skincare industry; she has been educating professionals and the consumer for the majority of her career. Gina Marie has extensive experience in retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, educating, marketing, and skin therapy treatments. She was nominated for the 2019 Aestheticians’ Choice Award for Brand Educator and has been featured several times in professional skin magazines.

Sunday, 9:00 am/Classroom E, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-E )


Hyperpigmentation: Causes, Reversal, Maintenance

Hyperpigmentation is a huge concern of clients today and it is more than on the skin’s surface. This workshop will focus on contributors to this skin concern, treatments and protocols to help minimize or reverse the problem. Lastly, we will discuss maintenance programs you can establish for your clients for long-term results.

Margaret LaPierre is a Master Esthetics Instructor, Certified Aromatologist, and a holistic health practitioner with a degree in health and wellness. She is Vice Chair on the DPOR Board which regulates the esthetics profession in Virginia. As an Assistant Professor in the Holistic Spa Management program at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Margaret teaches spa management, retail management, and clinical aromatherapy.

Saturday, 9:00 am/Classroom F, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA900-F )


In-depth Skin Analysis & Skin Nutrition

This class will advance your skills from basic skin assessment to a skin analyst expert! Skin will be examined based–not just on traditional types and coloring–but on predictors of future behavior. Learn how to properly recommend specific skin treatments based on the individual health of the skin and intrinsic health of the client. You will also learn how nutrition, both as topicals and in diet, is important to help your clients have lifelong beautiful skin. This class includes handouts, worksheets, along with live demonstration using advanced assessment tools.

Malinda McHenry

Sunday, 9:00 am/Classroom H, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-H )

Innovative Acne Treatment with PROBIOTICS

In this class we will talk about the effective and innovative treatment for acne using Probiotics and Mandelic Acid. The importance of treatment with products that will tackle acne without the side effects of irritation and dryness, and how to manage inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation will also be covered.

Monica Tobon has over 18 years as an experienced aesthetician in facial and body treatments. Her passion for this career is to help educate future and advanced aestheticians at DermaSwiss and DermaSwiss Institute.

Saturday, 1:00 pm/Classroom F – Personal Development (SA100-F)
*This is a Personal Development class. CE credit is not given for this course.


Integrative Anatomy

Each part of the body has a specific psychological role, in addition to its structural and functional roles.  Our bodies are designed with 32 reciprocal pairs that support balance, harmony, and peak physical performance when they are optimized. Balancing these areas helps to balance the structure, function, and wei chi systems, and the acupuncture meridians. These pairs provide a lens through which we can understand how the proprioceptive nervous system works to guide the function (and structure) of the body. This class teaches a technique that focuses on specific reciprocal areas of the body that integrate and affect the physical, functional, and energetic/emotional levels of our bodies.

In Integrative Anatomy, you will learn what these points are and how to utilize them. Not only will this offer a new way to prepare your clients for body work, it will also enhance your work on specific structural and functional systems. You will learn what each area of the body represents on a consciousness/psychological level, which will allow you to better understand your clients’ physical and emotional postural expressions.

Integrative Anatomy is more than just a technique; it is an integrative approach to understanding the dynamics of the human body that will help you be a more efficient and effective practitioner, no matter what modalities you use.

Lynn Teachworth BS, LMT, FAFS, ATSI, CAFS, NG360 has been in the bodywork, human performance, and energy medicine field since 1993. He is certified in over 20 massage and complementary medicine modalities. His forte is blending the concepts of structural integration, functional biomechanics and energetic medicine to come up with cutting edge protocols to help clients perform their best and live a pain free life. Lynn has worked with over 1000 professional athletes in the areas of sports injuries and physical/mental performance and is a 2018 inductee into the World Massage Hall of Fame. He has also taught advanced trainings around the world including in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, and Japan. He is a lecturer at the World Massage Festival, FSMTA and AMTA conventions.

Saturday, 9:00 am/Hall O, 4 CE Hours – Massage Therapy ( SA900-O )


Intro to Cupping as a Manual Therapy

Take your treatments to a new level by incorporating cupping as a manual therapy! Learn basic techniques for sale and innovative therapies that achieve amazing results and without leaving marks! This workshop includes theory and applications, with plenty of hands on activity to practice. You will also leave with new assessment skills that become fundamental to customizing the work for each person you treat.

Anita Shannon is licensed in both massage therapy and cosmetology. An educator since 1990, she regularly presents workshops at national healthcare conventions on ACE Massage CuppingTM and MediCuppingTM at international locations since developing these brands of bodywork in 2002. Anita has published multiple articles in transnational publications and has a series of comprehensive educational videos on vacuum manual therapies, which are now available as online continuing education. Anita was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2011.

Sunday, 9:00 am/Classroom F, 2 CE Hours – Massage Therapy ( S900-F )


Intro To Microblading; What you Need to Know

The technique of implanting pigment after the creation of fine incisions in the skin may date back thousands of years. This class is designed to help you better understand the process. The course will cover time to complete procedure, supplies needed, brow mapping, permits, safety, sanitation, client consultations, record keeping, marketing, business.

*Not approved for South Carolina.

*Attendees who took this class in 2018 are not eligible for CE credits in 2019.

Lisa Esquivel-Clark

Sunday, 1:00 pm/Classroom E, 4 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S100-E )


Laying the Foundation for a Strong Makeup Application

A successful makeup application starts with the foundation of…foundation! The class will provide the insights into how to apply foundation, concealer, contour and highlights. It will help you better understand how to bring out your client’s natural features based on their unique face shape and skin. You will leave with the ability to enhance every client’s best features.

Michael Moore

Saturday, 9:00 am/Classroom G, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA 900-G )



#masking has become a popular Instagram pastime; everyone from movie stars to board room CEO’s post selfies. There’s no shame in showing off your own masked moments. Skin care companies spotted the trend and launched their own high-tech options. The latest masks do everything from bubbling up like baking soda to peeling off like rubber. This class will allow you to discover how to uniquely position masks in the treatment room for the ultimate experience. We will reveal how to customize, layer, and use designer techniques to set you apart. Don’t miss out on the secret to double your results and your income with the hottest selling products of the year!

Gayle Prachtl

Sunday, 9:00 am/Hall M, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-M )


Micro Peeling for Safety and Results

In this class you will learn how to safely understand the difference between chemical and mechanical exfoliation and how you would incorporate them into cutting-edge clinical treatments that rival those of a non-ablative laser and /or intense pulsed light treatment. Learn how to identify and create treatment pathways and avoid compilations. These types of treatments offer the highest return on your investment in the industry and drive retail sales.

*Attendees who took this class in 2018 are not eligible for CE credits in 2019.

Danielle Wachowski

Sunday, 9:00 am/Hall L, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-L )


Nano-Facials, A Revolutionary Tool for Results

Learn how this NEW modality for infusing hydration is changing the way Estheticians deliver results both in the room and with client home care. Infusing the skin with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and other on trend ingredients is now made possible with nano technology. Until nano tech, we could not penetrate the epidermis with solutions without the help of galvanic or micro current, etc., but now mechanical nano tips are able to penetrate into the stratum corneum with ultrasonic vibration to help relax, soften and deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin for instant infusion. Learn how this effective and affordable device is increasing results of every other device you own to deliver outstanding results.

Danielle Wachowski

Sunday, 4:00 pm/Hall L, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S400-L )


PIGMENTATION PRIMER – Exploring the Bio Pathways of Melanin Synthesis and Pigmentation Disorders

The presentation is designed to illustrate the many complexities and factors surrounding the development of pigmentation in all skin types, ages and colors. The foundation of understanding cellular functions and the parameters that may influence the development of pigmentation will be presented as well as external and internal influences. Attention will be given to medications and health conditions that may influence pigmentation treatment modalities, ingredient technologies and treatment modifications in the esthetic setting.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck, NMD, LMC, LEI, CDT, CNHP, brings more than 30 years of experience to the esthetic and natural health industry. She is a licensed master cosmetologist and esthetics instructor in Georgia, holding certification as a dermatology technician. She has authored many articles for the esthetics industry’s top trade magazines and frequently serves as a guest lecturer and educator at natural health and esthetics institutes.

Madigan-Fleck has studied in France and Belgium and was the lead esthetician for the Atlanta, Ga. Center for Plastic Surgery, which specializes in post-op care, aesthetic care for oncology patients and rehabilitative camouflage makeup for plastic surgery and burn patients. Her work in the area continues as a distinguished member of the British Association of Skin Camouflage in the UK. She is also a recipient of the Esthetics International Humanitarian Award at the Southern Spa & Salon Conference.

Saturday, 5:00 pm/Hall K, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA500-K )


Power in Skin Analysis and Business Mash Up

Skin analysis is an important first step to understanding the skin. A professional should be able to analyze, choose the correct treatment and recommend home care. Determine the difference between skin types and conditions in order to educate the client. This method of skin analysis allows a professional to work with confidence regardless of ethnicity, gender or age. Move from Skin Analysis into Business and get an overview of the language and flow of a successful business. Learn how the words you use affect your financial success. Find out how selling products and rebooking clients can be a partnership and not a push.

Workbooks, Certificates and gift packages are provided in this interactive class.

Lori Nestore

Saturday, 4:00 pm/Hall N, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA400-N )


Pregnancy & Essential Oils: What, When & How to Use your Aromatics Safely

Do you want to be able to allow your expecting clients to enjoy all the same perks as non-expecting clients during their sessions with you? Look no further. We are here to help you understand how you can still indulge them with the organic, naturally-made, plant-based products and recipes while still taking the correct precautions to keep them and that little one safe. In this class you will learn what essential oils and herbs have been researched as safe, which should be avoided, and which can bring your clients extra comfort and relief during their journey to motherhood! Appropriate dilutions and safety guidelines will be discussed. Recipes included.


Kimberly S. Seymour

Sunday, 1:00 pm/Classroom H, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology, Massage Therapy ( S100-H )


Retail: Competing with the Internet

Selling skin care product and accessories are a big part of a spa’s revenue, but how can you compete with the internet? This workshop will help you learn valuable tools to help you keep your clientele shopping with you rather than with your competitors or on the internet.

Margaret LaPierre

Sunday, 1:00 pm/Classroom F, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S100-F )


Structural Dynamics: Foot and Lower Legs

Restriction in the fascial and muscular patterns in the lower leg and foot can contribute to numerous stubborn pathologies locally, such a plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, shin splints and hammer toes; it can also contribute to global body pathologies, such as lower back pain, reduced cervical curve, and atlanto-occipital joint dysfunction. In addition, restrictions can lead to a lack of mobility, efficiency, and power in sports performance. Using functional movement and embodiment, this course thoroughly educates the therapist regarding bone rhythms and myofascial structural and functional patterns of the foot and lower leg. Students then learn dynamic techniques to release the myofascial restrictions and optimize function, structure, and postural relationships. This material is foundational for relieving chronic pain syndromes, range of motion limitations, and sports performance issues throughout the body.

Hands on. Bring table, sheets & draping.

Lynn Teachworth, BS, LMT, FAFS, ATSI, CAFS, NG360

Sunday, 9:00 am/Hall O, 4 CE Hours – Massage Therapy ( S900-O )


Structural Dynamics: Pelvis and Upper Legs

The pelvis contains our center of gravity and is the fulcrum between the three longest levers in the body; functionally and structurally the pelvis is central to the body. A small deviation, tilt, or rotation leads to compensations in the skeletal and myofascial systems throughout the body.

Most structural and functional issues start at or at least run through the pelvis so it is a great place to start in releasing restriction and restoring dynamic motion and alignment.

Structural Dynamics provides the practitioner with a powerful tool to reorganize the body’s posture, movement patterns and emotional holding patterns. Learn to see and treat the body through an integrated lens that incorporates Structural Integration concepts with Functional Movement and Embodiment.

This class will help you better understand how to apply functional fascial release techniques that are more effective at releasing fascia and muscle patterns that create poor posture and mobility than typical isolated stretching and corrective exercises. These techniques are very effective for reducing pain syndromes, improving strength, and athletic performance.

You will learn how to address stubborn lower back, hip, and even shoulder issues and beyond through working with pelvic structural dynamics.

Hands on. Bring table, sheets & draping.

Lynn Teachworth BS, LMT, FAFS, ATSI, CAFS, NG360

Saturday, 2:30 pm/Hall O, 4 CE Hours – Massage Therapy ( SA230-O )


Structural Dynamics: Thoracic Spine

A lack of thoracic mobility, particularly extension, may be the chronic structural/functional issue of our time. It is often a symptom of poor posture and poor training/workouts causing restricted function throughout the body. In this module, you will rework your understanding of “core” stability and posture to help you and your clients experience more dynamic, liberated, upright posture that allows for full range of motion, full breath, and dynamic stability.

Utilizing embodied anatomical study, functional movement, and hands on functional and myofascial release will help you fully understand and work with the functional and structural dynamics of the body. You will learn how to re-educate and release the muscles and fascia that govern thoracic mobility and stability. These functional fascial releases are far more effective than traditional isolated stretching and corrective exercises, allowing you to efficiently and effectively restore function and eliminate pain and tension.

Discover why and how to correct thoracic immobility that is often the root cause of shoulder hip, elbow, lower back, and neck pain syndromes as well as limited sports performance and injuries.

Hands on. Bring table, sheets & draping.

Lynn Teachworth BS, LMT, FAFS, ATSI, CAFS, NG360

Sunday, 2:30 pm/Hall O, 4 CE Hours – Massage Therapy ( S230-O )


The A, B, C, D & Es of Skin Cancer

This class will discuss the various types of skin cancer. Learn how to identify potential skin cancer thru the A, B, C, D and Es so that you can send client to appropriate medical provider. You will also learn the various treatments available as well as side effects that your client may have if being treated for the different types of skin cancer. The various Dos and Don’ts will also be discussed to work on a client that is being treated or has been treated for skin cancer so as to “Do No Harm.”

Kris Campbell

Saturday, 5:00 pm/Hall L, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA500-L )


The Missing Link in Treating Acne and Rosacea

This presentation will explore the causes and pathways of acne and rosacea, discovering the similarities and differences and how to treat these conditions with new innovative ingredient technology and unique treatment options.

Katelyn Macy Sandoval LE, BS draws upon over 10 years in the skincare industry and has a background in sales, marketing, product development and all things skincare! As a licensed Esthetician, laser technician, and educator, Katelyn lectures around the country on advanced topics in skin health. Katelyn has been training others on the Circadia product line since 2011.

Saturday, 1:30 pm/Hall N, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA130-N )


THE REJUVENATION FACTOR – Understanding the Physiology of Microcurrent in Esthetics

This tandem lecture and presentation explore the scientific study and hypotheses of micro current and its effects on cells, tissues, nutrients and the health of the skin. The presentation will encompass some of the most relevant information regarding the enormous potentials of microcurrent and its use in esthetics and clinical cosmetology. The scientific nature of this presentation will provide great insight as to the mechanisms of why microcurrent is considered an important tool in facial rejuvenation and skin care wellness. A demonstration of the operation, application procedure, and care of microcurrent devices will also be presented.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck, NMD, LMC, LEI, CDT,  CNHP

Alexandra J. Zani

Sunday, 9:00 am/Hall K, 4 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S900-K )


Treating Mature Skin

Anti-aging is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Can mature skin show improvement without aggressive treatments? This class will cover both prevention and treatment, taking you through the understanding of mature skin and how improvement can be achieved effectively and with immediate results.

Gina Marie McGuire

Saturday, 9:00 am/Classroom E, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( SA900-E )


Treating Pigmentation Issues

Hyperpigmentation is a complicated condition faced by skincare professionals and consumers alike. This presentation will explore the mechanisms of melanin formation and melanocyte function as well as associated states of hyper-hypo pigmentation. Learn why the enzymes tyrosinase, phenylalanine oxidase, and newly discovered lightening mechanisms such as melanosome transfer (MIT) and melanin stimulating Hormones (MSH) inhibitors are key components in melanin formation. Methods to reduce melanin by exfoliation and inhibition of melanin formation through enzyme blockage will be presented as well as specific treatments for melisma, inflammatory hyperpigmentation and photo damage.

Katelyn Macy Sandoval LE, BS

Sunday, 1:30 pm/Hall N, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S130-N )


What Is New in Natural Sustainable Ingredients?

Sustainability is a hot topic in regards to ingredient choices today for both skincare professional and consumer alike. Learn what the term means in order to determine if your choice of skin care is following the trend. Understand the terms Natural and naturally derived ingredients to better understand ingredient choices. Discover how labs are reformulating with new derivatives of ingredients and how they are removing the questionably safe ones from formula to make cleaner, safer products. This class will give you a good overview of sustainability to better determine correct choices for your chosen skin care brand for your practice.

Kris Campbell

Sunday, 1:00 pm/Hall L, 2 CE Hours – Esthetics, Cosmetology ( S100-L )

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