Eyeliner Reveal

Thick, thin, shaded, white, gold, black, or liquid--how do you know what eyeliner is going to best frame different eye shapes? When eyeliner is done well, it only enhances the eye color and doesn’t detract from it. So how do we know what is the best choice for our clients with hundreds of colors and formulas? Consider cosmetic or permanent makeup as options for our client that could give them the perfect solution. Open your mind and your eyes!


Jaclyn Peresetsky

Skin Perfect MD Spas
Jaclyn Peresetsky

Jaclyn Peresetsky is CEO of Skin Perfect MD Spas in Ohio and Florida. She is a noted color expert, makeup and micro-pigmentation artist, master esthetician, author and speaker. Jaclyn developed Color Me Perfect Analysis in 2009 and Color Me Perfect Mineral Cosmetics in 2010. She opened Skin Perfect University in 2019. Jaclyn enjoys helping others in this industry become leading beauty experts by sharing her expertise.

Course Code S300-K
Credit Hours 2.0
Date Nov 15
Time 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. EST
Class Period(s) Class Period 3
Location Hall K
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