Microcurrent As A Tool Or Not

Is there more to the story? This class builds upon the manufactures synopsis of the science of micro current to the anatomical facial changes that occur when we age. Determining the root cause of a wrinkle versus just assuming the muscles need to be shortened or plumped. We address the intake sheet, blocking factors, posture and lifestyle of client to determine if micro current is enough. Who are the best candidates for treatments, informed client candidates, post care, client safety and infection control are covered. Class includes demonstration of devices with probes, pads, and gloves.


Jane Mann

Jane Mann

Jane Mann is recognized within the beauty business industry as a guru of microcurent. She is also the creator of Facial Contouring Massage, and US distributor of the Oralift. Jane offers online and live classes on Facial Contouring Massage. She is the owner of Skinworks, in Las Vegas, NV.

Pam Smith

Skin Dynamics
Pam Smith

Pam Smith is a national trainer and educator for Neurotris Microcurrent as well as a trainer for the the Rezenerate nano facial device. Pam is also the owner of Skin Dynamics in Hickory NC where she focuses on age management with microcurrent as the core of all of her treatments.

Course Code SA1200-E
Credit Hours 2.0
Date Nov 14
Time noon - 2 p.m. EST
Class Period(s) Class Period 2
Location Room E
Now Virtual!