Clinical Aromatherapy Level I - Top Oils for your Practice - Learning to Use What You Have on Hand

Have essential oils that you aren’t sure how to use, or what they are good for? Feel like you never have what you need on hand? Think again! In this class we will discuss the top oils most people already have on hand or should have on hand if they don’t already. We will go over specific issues that can be addressed with your top oils and when it is best to use them. Not sure if you should blend them? No worries. We will cover several recipes for your on hand oils as well.


Amber M. Laborde

Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy
Amber LaBorde

Amber M. Laborde is a clinical aromatherapist at Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy, in Greensboro, NC, specializing in integrative therapies. She was first introduced to aromatherapy in 2012 and began classes in aromatherapy and herbalism with the American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2014. Her teaching specialties include Fertility and Reproductive issues, Perfumery and Custom Blending.

Kimberly S. Seymour

Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy
Kimberly Seymour

Kimberly S. Seymour is a clinical aromatherapist at Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy. She has a passion for teaching and counseling clients to help them reach their goals of optimal health, happiness, and finding their own awesomeness

Essential Oils
Course Code S300-G
Credit Hours 2.0
Date Nov 15
Time 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. EST
Class Period(s) Class Period 3
Location Room G
Now Virtual!