Do No Harm: Spa Guests With Health Challenges

Servicing clients with health challenges is more important than ever for today’s spa professional. Many things must be considered so as to “Do No Harm”. This class will discuss understanding what a health challenge is, knowing your scope of practice. Attendees will learn how to use an intake form and other sources to get the answers needed to provide clients with safe facial treatments. This lecture will also discuss how to provide a proper spa room environment and types of products and treatments for your sensitive client.

Kris Campbell is the founder and managing director of Hale & Hush, a skincare line dedicated to sensitive and health-challenged skin. She trains, writes for trade publications, and speaks at trade events on a variety of subjects including ingredients and health challenges. She has worked for an FDA cosmeceutical lab and helped clients in creating their brands.

Saturday, 5:00 pm/Classroom E, 2 CE Hours- Esthetics, Cosmetology (SA500-E)

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